Macro-to-Micro Power Hour

Live Webinar • Wednesday, October 2nd • 6pm CDT


Jerremy Newsome CEO Real Life Trading

Samantha LaDuc Founder LaDucTrading

Join Samantha LaDuc of and Jerremy Newsome of as they cover how they trade market moving news and momentum

Samantha focuses on timing major macro inflection points. As a Macro-to-Micro analyst and trader, Samantha supports professional traders and institutions by operationalizing market-moving macro economic news into actionable trades so as to catch year-making opportunities. Using Macro-Economics and Inter-market Analysis work as backdrop, Samantha employs Pattern Recognition and Volatility as as part of her risk-defined, brokerage-triggered trade alerts.  

Jerremy teaches how to buy and sell options with less risk. As a Trading Cheerleader, Jerremy is especially focused on helping new and not-so-new traders become full-time professional traders using positive attitude and risk management to generate consistent results to stay in the game.  

Both run their respective live Trading Rooms and both detail their actual trades using actual money. They may have different time-frames and perspectives on why they enter a trade, but what they both do really well is let clients shadow how they identify what’s moving and how to day trade/swing/trend trade with either stock or options.  

This is sure to be a lively and engaging Webinar! There will be time for customized analysis so get your questions ready!!  


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